Banana salsa – a foodie challenge

After My last recipe I got a tweet through about recipes which come in dreams:20130323-104728.jpg

A moment later another tweet pinged up with a photo of the salsa attempt:


Naturally, I took this as a challenge!

My first thought was that over-ripe browning bananas would be too sweet. To make a good go of a banana salsa they would need to be as green as possible. Green bananas have a grassy flavor and the near-crunchy texture that holds together when mixed in with other ingredients. I didn’t want a mushy compote job. To avoid this, It’s a good idea to chop everything fairly roughly and combine it gently.
The salsa actually turned out very nicely and, served alongside a griddled chicken breast in a satay-style sauce, was delicious. If you’re a veggie you could do the same sauce with some griddled aubergine, quartered lengthways. The banana gives the salsa a bit of substance and the pistachios shake up the texture a bit. The citrus, chilli and herbs brighten it up and avoid the inevitable comparison with that most disappointing of deserts – the fruit salad (which I’m pleased to say even my mother has realised is an inappropriate ‘treat’).



Banana Salsa
Three green bananas
One pink grapefruit
Pineapple (fresh or tinned) about five rings
One green pepper finely chopped
One red chilli
One green chilli
Handful of pistachios – shelled and roughly chopped
Large handful of coriander
One lime
Tsp sugar
Salt to taste

– Chop all ingredients roughly and combine in a bowl with the juice of the lime, the sugar and salt. Mix together. Salsa!

Satay-Style Sauce
Chicken stock
One tbsp peanut butter
Half tbsp light soy sauce
One tbsp sweet chilli sauce
Two tsp dark soy sauce
Half tbsp rice wine vinegar
One tbsp chilli bean paste (optional)

– Bring 100-200ml stock to the boil and add all other ingredients. Let it simmer and reduce whilst you griddle your chicken breast (or quartered aubergine). You can add a little cornflour if you want to thicken it but make sure you cook it out. Sauce!

Whap it all on a plate, perhaps with couscous or rice, et voila!


I hope this meets the challenge and you enjoy it as much as we did!

Till next time!



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